• The Beauty in Birth

    The Beauty in Birth

    Did you know how beautiful a mother is when giving birth? I once read a quote by Ina May Gaskin, that I kept thinking of yesterday:
    “If a woman doesn’t look like a goddess during labor, then someone isn’t treating her right.”
    Marisa had a scheduled induced labor, an epidural and it was in a hospital. Not really the kind of birth people often think to photograph and in all honesty it was the first induced birth for me as well. However, Marisa not only had one photographer there - she had two. She surrounded herself with a doctor she adored and trusted, a breastfeeding consultant that had worked with her in her last pregnancy and two nurses that were nothing short of phenomenal at their job. Lastly but most importantly, she was supported by her husband - her best friend and her partner in all of this. She looked like a goddess because she had a team around her of love, trust and support. She looked like a goddess because she had the birth she wanted and zero shame in it.
    We all know there are many ways to go about parenting, how to discipline and how to even feed our kids. There is mom-shaming all over the place and it doesn't exclude birth. Something so beautiful, so powerful and so different - there is no right way or wrong way to bring a child into the world.
    There is just birth.
    Sometimes it happens how we plan, like with Marisa's, and sometimes it just doesn't go at all how we would have dreamed...no matter the support we surround ourselves with.
    Still, birth is beautiful.
    C-sections, epidurals, natural - bringing a child into this world is beautiful and something every mother should hold her head high about. Even with a scheduled birth and epidural, it hurts, it takes an amazing amount of strength and when that child comes out of your body, your body still vibrates from the inside out with love and excitement.
    Marisa, you did amazing and I know you said you do not have a high tolerance to pain but I think you are not giving yourself enough credit. I watched that epidural needle go in and lady...I had to sit down and let my stomach sink back to where it belonged. I watched you give a handful of pushes and get that big ol' baby out with pure determination. I am so honored I was able to capture the birth of your 3rd baby, your first son and all the beauty of your birth.
    Thank you. xoxo

    Here is the story of Marisa's birth to her son, told in from my point of view - in picture form of course. 

  • Rob and Lauren

    Rob and Lauren

    I've known this dynamic lady for some time now and I have always admired her love for life, her family and this man. She also really loves Disney World, more than anyone I have ever met and was in fact even proposed there on her 30th birthday. It wasn't until her wedding day that I really had the chance to get to know Rob and it was so crystal clear to me why they were a perfect match. They way he eases her, adores her and makes her smile is so raw and genuine it made my heart happy to witness. 

    Lauren and Rob,

    I am so thrilled for you both and this next chapter in your adventure together. Thank you for the honor of photographing your day and being a part of your story. You are so blessed to have each other and you threw one crazy fun wedding. 

    Congrats once again and cheers to many more crazy fun times together.


  • Baby Sister

    Baby Sister

    Welcome to the world little one. Your family has been waiting for you, ready to snuggle you, kiss those little toes and show you all the cool things your brother can teach you. 
    Welcome. You are part of a pretty amazing family and I'm sure this isn't the last I'll see of you. xoxo

  • Congrats Grad!

    Congrats Grad!

    This woman is full of spirit, smiles and ambition. I spent an hour getting to know her and can honestly say she is going to be a blessing to any employer - so hire her before someone else does! ;-)
    Congrats Chandra and the best of luck on this next chapter of your life, you are going to crush it. xoxo


  • Baby Blues and Wedding Crashing

    Baby Blues and Wedding Crashing

    I adore this momma. She is strong, beautiful and brave - our last session was a 4th trimester shoot and I just liked her immediately. But on this day I got to meet her other half, a sweet, loving father and husband. As I walked up to our shoot I realized we had planned our gig at the same park where a wedding was about to start. So we jumped in and got to it, leaving plenty of time for them to crash the wedding after. 

  • 1 Year!

    1 Year!

    I've been photographing this doll since she was a baby, not that a baby was that long ago but I seriously think she gets cuter every time I see her. Happy first birthday baby girl, I can't wait to continue to watch you grow and document all your little accomplishments. xoxo

  • Breakfast at Sarah's - A Lifestyle Session

    Breakfast at Sarah's - A Lifestyle Session

    I get really excited when a family comes with an totally unique idea for their family session. This was one of them. What a fun way to spend a Sunday morning, breakfast, fire, coffee and gardening in the backyard with me roaming around snapping photos of this crazy cute family being themselves. 

    Thank you for letting me in on your intimate moments as a family, I loved every minute of it. xoxo 


  • Ryan and Denise

    Ryan and Denise

    Such a beautiful day to celebrate a wedding but it was also a very hot day. Mid 90's and the sun was beating down, but that did not stop this loving group of friends and family from celebrating. Denise and Ryan were married last year in California but they wanted to have a follow up reception for loved ones here in WI. 
    If you know me, you know that I adore barn weddings. I also really love horses...this wedding had both. It was beautiful, rustic and romantic all in one. The farm was gorgeous and you couldn't help but feel relaxed and at ease looking over the rolling hills. 
    Denise and Ryan looked just as in love as the couples I shoot on their wedding day. A year, that "they" say is one of the hardest in a marriage - the first year, had nothing on them. It was really amazing to see and photograph.

    Thank you, Denise and Ryan for allowing me to be a part of your day, you have a romance that just fits. As I was working through your photos to post the sneak peeks I couldn't help but to think how well you two just fit into each other's arms. I told you on the day of and I'll say it again - you're an adorable couple.