• Public Breastfeeding...

    Public Breastfeeding...

    on a hike.

    "About a week before Sky was born my husband and I hiked 6 miles at Lapham Peak to try and induce labor. It didn't work at all as she had to be induced in the hospital but she was born happy and healthy. After two days in the hospital, I was beginning to go stir crazy. We were finally released and that very day we started taking walks around the block. I needed the fresh air and Sky napped so well during our walks.As she grew, we started venturing out more and doing solo walks and hikes places.

    Babies nurse when they nurse so we often nursed on a walk or trail. I've become very proficient at nursing in the carrier and now that Sky is 15 months old, she's pro at it too. I was nervous in the beginning to nurse. I remember pumping and then bringing a bottle along just in case. I was worried about nursing in public, but I received a ton of support from friends and most importantly my husband.

    My husband supported us nursing whenever and wherever we needed to. I know without his support, we never would have made it this far with our nursing relationship.

    A few months ago, we helped launch Hike it Baby here in Milwaukee. I've been doing weekly hikes with them since July. I love the no judgement policy and how friendly it is towards families. If we need to stop to nurse a baby or a toddler is having a meltdown, we stop. What's even better is I've been able to help other moms learn to nurse on the trail as well. It's such a life changing moment when you learn how to nurse in a carrier." - Jessica