• Public Breastfeeding...

    Public Breastfeeding...

    At the store.

    "From the moment I found out I was pregnant I knew I was going to breast feed.

    It's probably my favorite thing about having a baby. There's something fulfilling about a tiny human needing you, the bonding makes it worth the sore nipples and engorging pain. I found out I was pregnant at the end of May 2015, this was my third pregnancy and what I thought was going to be the 3rd child I was going to nurse.

    When I found out I was going to have three little ladies I still was sure I was going to nurse. Natural instinct, what's two more babies? On 12/22/15 the girls were born and taken to the NICU I was devastated, no skin to skin? No trying to make them latch? On top of that my blood pressure was too high so I couldn't see or hold them for 24hrs!

    So of course they bring me a pump, I've never been a "pumper" so this is new to me. Again I'm so sad because I'm only getting about 3mls, who can I feed with this drop of breast milk?!

    Come to find out it was actually enough.

    It's crazy how we think we need to pump and 9 ounces should come out right away, our bodies know better- they know what baby (or in my case babies) need.

    My ladies spent a little time in the NICU before coming home so I still had to continue this pumping journey and it was not fun! Who can remember to pump every two hours with a three year old and five year old on top of trying to go see the ladies in the hospital? I was pumping bout 6 ounces a day but I was hoping and praying for them to be released soon because I just wanted to nurse. I knew this is the only way my breast feeding journey would work. I needed them to get it straight from the tap! When two out of the three came home they nursed like champs! Tandem nursing was a bit of a challenge for me at first since I was not quite comfortable holding two at once, but I got it down.

    My body knew someone was still missing though. After I was done nursing those two I felt the tingly sensation of my breast starting to fill again. It was so amazing!

    It's still so crazy to me what our body's can do! Now that they're about 6 weeks old they are all almost exclusively breast fed. Because they are preemies they need some formula for the higher calories. So at feed times two nurse, one gets a bottle and then we rotate. Whoever got a bottle at the last feed gets the boob and then the one that got a boob gets a bottle. I'm hoping we can slowly start cutting this formula out soon! I truly don't think I'd have my sanity if I couldn't nurse though. The convenience of it alone saves me so much time! No need to pack bottles or formula for trips anywhere!

    I nurse in public, uncovered and NOT in a restroom. Actually if anyone asked me to go elsewhere to nurse I wouldn't. I have 3 babies and I'm trying to get things done. I can nurse and do dishes, I can nurse and shop as well!

    If I'm in public and someone is uncomfortable with it, well that's their own problem. I don't recall it being my job to make sure they are comfortable with how I feed my child. It is my job to make sure my child is comfortable and fed.

    What better way then breast feeding?! I hope more moms of multiples or moms in general, give nursing a try! It's so worth it and you'd be so surprised how incredibly awesome our bodies are and what they can do for our littles! Even if you can only stand to supplement, pump or even nurse for a little bit it truly goes a long way!"  - Dylan