• Public Breastfeeding...

    Public Breastfeeding...

    at yoga.

    "The first time I nursed in public was at an Olive Garden. I’d wrapped my daughter into the moby wrap and as I tried to latch her, she screamed and I sweated and a stranger at that moment handed me the shoe she’d just kicked off. I was horrified that this stranger had seen my breast, and that someone would make a rude comment, but no one did.

    Over the last three years, I've gotten far more comfortable feeding my babies when we're out. My family wasn’t against breastfeeding, but none of them had done it for very long, and most hadn’t nursed at all. My biggest support was in the natural birthing community and my wonderful midwife. You find support where you can but trust me that it is out there. I’d been assisting at births for a few years when my daughter was born, and gotten to witness many wonderful nursing dyads. I knew that we would nurse, because I’d seen it be successful for so many women. I had a relatively easy go of nursing, especially with that constant support system.

    Within the natural parenting community, tandem nursing and full term (or extended) breastfeeding aren’t unheard of the way that they are among the general public. Once, a male car salesman asked me how much longer I would be nursing my then-13-month-old - as if it was any of his business, or I owed him an explanation of our plans! Family members who were supportive of my nursing a tiny baby, suddenly balked and even made rude comments once I was nursing a toddler. None of the negative comments stopped me, I was determined to keep doing what I thought was best for my babies. 

    While my daughter is three and typically just nurses before bed, my son is 12 months old now, and still nurses many times a day, regardless of where we are! Negative comments are pretty rare, but at this point, I'd rather a naysayer approach me than a new mama who might be less sure." - Jamie