Azure Mahara

I am an artist. Photography is my passion and I am in love with being behind the lens capturing the beauty in everything I see. The ability to use light as my paint brush always leaves me wanting just one more. I will capture your story, your personality, and your love in the style that best fits you.

I am a wife. My husband is often my bouncing board for my ideas and input. He keeps me honest, grounded and most of all, he supports me in following my dream. I'm not sure what I would do without him and his understanding when I ask him to pull over, even if we are late, so I can snap a photo of the sunset.

I am a mother. We have a beautiful, kind, and incredibly sweet daughter who steals my heart everyday. We also have a baby boy that is beautiful, full of adventure and wonder - he keeps me on my toes to say the least. Being a mother brought out a different level of photographer in me and there is no way to describe it. If you are also a momma, you know what I mean, it just changes you to down to your core. 

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