This summer I participated in a scavenger hunt with 12 other photographers from around the US. We were given 20 prompts to photograph using our own unique stories and families to capture it.
I wanted to make a blog post with a little back story on each one of my own images, but highly recommend checking out the full collection, which you can find here.

I didn’t shoot for each prompt, some I did but instead I mostly just documented my summer. So at the end I went back through hundreds of images I shot this summer to see what I felt fit best for each. So here it is, Summer Documented: 2019.

Prompt: In Between the Lines

In May our dryer blew, which we knew was going to happen sooner rather than later. We’ve been using two very, very old machines that honestly have sucked for years. My husband and I decided that instead of putting a new set on credit, we’d get some clothesline and save up over the summer. However, it wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be since the weather determined when I could wash clothes. With a big family, the task took more time but at the end of it, I’ll always keep a clothesline up in my yard because somethings line dry so much better than in a dryer.

Prompt: Blowing Up
We have a small pool in our yard, we hit up the local pool with the slides and yet nothing will ever compare to a day spent at the beach. Beach days (we spend the entire day not just a few hours) are my favorites. When these days are accompanied with friends it leaves me floating high on love for our friends/family, for the beauty God put on this planet, for the area we live in and for, of course, the beach.

Prompt: Breaking the Rules
Well she is by far my most strong willed child. She wants to do things by herself and it’s her way or the highway…so as you can see we have a lot of moments that look like this, a battle of dominance that I mostly win.

Prompt: Coming Down
This summer I took a solo trip to CA to visit my sister and while on Venice beach I saw this skateboard and I immediately looked at my sister, Leah with big eyes. She looked back with a smile and said, “Oh my God Azure, she would love that.” So minutes later my sister and I were buying my almost 6yr old a $70 skateboard. Turns out we were right, which wasn’t a surprise since she’s been asking for one for months.

Prompt: A Community Affair
It’s always my goal to get to the local weekly live music night at the park. We didn’t do a good job but we did get there for one event on the 4th and it was a blast.

Prompt: Fresh
In the summer we eat out of our garden. We snack on tomatoes for months, we make zoodles, eat cucumbers daily and fresh garden salads. Raising my kids to see the work and beauty in growing food and the nutrition that comes from natural foods is something I knew I wanted to do long before I even knew if I’d have children of my own. I still remember sneaking beans out of my mom’s garden as my siblings and I played outside for hours. I want my children to have those same kind of memories.

Prompt: In the Dark
So it finally happened, one of our kids locked themselves in the van. We were camping, in a quiet zone campground for the record, and as I was distracted changing the middle kiddo’s wet clothes from swimming, the youngest climbed in and was playing in the drivers seat. (The keys were out and sitting in the middle counsel) As soon as he finished getting dressed he jumped out of the van and said, “I’ll help you!” as he slammed the front door closed. I didn’t even have a moment to think before I realized my not yet 2 yr old was sitting in the front seat and sure enough, she had hit the lock button. Shortly there after she set off the car alarm…not once but 3 times. It wasn’t hot out but it was dusk, so as it turned to dark we waited for the locksmith to come with flashlights trying to get her to hit the unlock button. She didn’t. The car alarm kept going off and eventually I cried out of a desperate need for this situation to be over, luckily the locksmith showed up and we don’t keep our keys in the van anymore.

Prompt: Into the Waves
I love tent camping and this summer my husband finally fell back in love with it too. It fills my heart up with so much joy knowing that there will be a lot more moments like this in my life.

Prompt: Our Every Day
All day. Every Day.

Prompt: Patriotic Vibes
Well I could say a lot here but I’ll just let this photo speak for itself.

Prompt: Playground
The best playgrounds are on a beach.

Prompt: Rain
This is one of the few I shot for the actual prompt. My son was such a great sport, telling me jokes between posing behind a glass door. This is a double exposure, rain drops were shot through the glass in my van and the photo of him was behind the front door on a day it was pouring out.

Prompt: Rear View
That view. That toosh.

Prompt: Splash
This summer we went up to these amazing cabins on a little island in Door County for the second year in a row. It’s a fun family weekend I hope we continue doing for years to come as we kick off our summer.

Prompt: Summer Adventures
Camping has my heart.

Prompt: Summer Firsts
My sister had her first baby in July, a beautiful little girl named, River Mahara.

Prompt: Summer Games
My kiddos aren’t in sports yet and most of their games are playing lions and tigers, hide and seek and weird games of tag that change rules a lot. So instead I used a photo I shot at the school summer kick off party of my friend’s daughter playing double dutch.

Prompt: Wide Open Spaces
Wide open window that looked out over a wide open space free of buildings and city life.

Prompt: At the Fair
Every year for my oldest daughter’s birthday we hit up the State Fair. It’s in August, it’s hot and I’m usually a hot mess myself so this is the best shot I got. Nothing special but they did love those fun houses this year and I did go in them with my camera in a good solid effort.

Prompt: Summer Eats
Aunt Becky made these blueberry lemon things in the pie irons over the fire when we were camping that I’m still dreaming of.

There it is, 20 images of our summer. I’d love to hear about your summer, see your photos and hear your stories. I’m looking forward to documenting the fall and seeing a lot of your beautiful faces in front of my camera.